Neelamperoor Patayani

Neelamperoor Patayani

The great Padayani Festival is praised on the Pooram day in the Malayalam month of Chingam. The celebration is predominantly celebrated in the province of Kerela. The Palli Bhagavathy sanctuary in the delightful town Neelamperoor in Alappuzha is perfectly enhanced for the bubbly festivals.

Neelamperoor Patayani is a staggering occasion. The word Patayani actually implies columns of armed force. In spite of the fact that patayani are performed in a number of different sanctuaries in Kerala, the one held at Neelamperoor is altogether not quite the same as others. What makes the celebration extraordinary in Neelamperoor is the excellent parade conveying models of legendary characters. These likenesses are set up at neighborhood level by the craftsmen of the state, who take part in these arrangements months before the celebration.

This show of a likeness is named as “Annam Kettu“. The parade conveying these likenesses is regularly sorted out in evenings. Numerous vacationers and guests accumulate here amid the celebration festivities and have an exceptional affair of Indian culture and conventions.

Kettukazhcha, the show of deftly finished likenesses, is the thing that influences this celebration to emerge. Enormous models of swans and other unbelievable characters are acquired parade. Around evening time the mood is set by a brilliant parade conveying the likenesses of legendary characters like Bhima, Ravana, and Yakshi.

The celebration of Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani is sorted out each year around the celebration of Onam in the period of September. It is held at the: Palli Bhagavathy Temple at Neelamperoor (Alappuzha area), 16 km far from Kottayam.

Location: Kerala »  Alappuzha » Neelamperoor

Date: 19-SEP-2017

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